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Lost in the fast pace of this tedious world? Take a Lost Mary Vape and enjoy the pleasure of life on your tastebuds. Lost Mary Vape is helping vapers find healthy, fashionable, and high-quality alternatives to smoking. 

Lost Mary Tips

  • Never Charge The Battery With More Than 1 Amp Current Rating Charger.
  • Never Leave The Battery To Overcharge..
  • Ideally It Is Recommended That You Charge It By Connecting A USB Type C Cable With A TV port, Laptop Or A Gaming Console.
  • Ideally You Should Not Recharge The Device For More Than 60 Minutes.
  • Ideally It Is Recommended That You Should Not Vape While The Device Is Plugged On Charging.

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A mission to explore the original life’s merry brought Elf Bar to establish the most high-quality disposable vape bars. The Lost Mary Vape has become the fashion statement of this new era of disposable vaping. Flow the elegance, pleasure, and satisfaction on your taste buds and never get lost anymore.

Lost Mary Vape is the new disposable vape introduced by the same team who brought us the Elf Bar. Fashionable body, latest technology, and an extensive range of flavours Lost Mary Vape is currently the best disposable vape brand. Disposable vapes are e-cigarettes that come ready to vape. Disposable vapes like Lost Mary Vape are designed to dispose of once the e-liquid has run dry. Simply enjoy puffs without worrying about required setups, and refills.

Lost mary Vape comes in a beautiful, elegant, and fashionable design. Lost Mary Vape comes in striking colours and gradients that capture the essence of the flavours. Lost Mary disposable vape has a 2ml e-liquid tank capacity and comes with prefilled 20mg Nic. Salt. Lost Mary Vape offers a 2% nicotine strength that offers a perfect smooth throat hit. Lost Mary 600 delivers perfectly balanced and uniform puffs per bar. Lost mary 600 also offers a huge 550 mAh built-in rechargeable battery capacity.

Lost Mary Disposable Vape

The new smart dual mesh coil technology in Lost Mary disposable vape allows vapers to enjoy richer flavours and smooth throat hits. The technology in Lost Mary disposable vape allows more e-liquid to be exposed to the coil causing an enhanced and smoother experience. With the portable size, Lost Mary disposable vape allows vapers to enjoy their favourite flavour anywhere and anytime. Lost Mary disposable vape is designed so beautifully that it compliments every fashion statement and gives the pure feel of luxury.

Lost Mary Flavours

Lost Mary Vape brings a huge wave of amazing and delicious flavours. Each flavour has a unique and rich flavour that is nothing but a treat for your taste buds. No matter how picky you are, you will find a Lost Mary Vape flavour according to your preference. Find your true preference, and find your way to get lost in satisfaction.

  • Blue Razz Cherry
    A fruity combination of sweet blueberries, tangy raspberries, and bold cherries that will tantalise your taste buds with a fantastic fruity exhale. 
  • Blue Razz Ice
    A blast of blueberries and raspberries infused with light creamy undertones and hints of ice. The perfect balance of berries and menthol will keep you refreshed all day. 
  • Blue Sour Raspberry
    The fruity blend of sweet blueberries and tangy raspberries are infused with subtle and pleasing sour flavour notes. A flavour that will surely spice up the mood.
  • Blueberry Ice
    The perfect single fruit blend for berry lovers. Sweet blueberries infused with ice create the perfect blend for an all-day fruity and refreshing aftertaste. 
  • Cherry Peach Lemonade
    A fruity blend of tart cherry, sweet peach, and citrus lemon with additional zingy hints of fizzy lemonade. A perfectly balanced flavour for fruit and lemonade lovers that will surely create a refreshing all-day vaping experience
  • Cola
    A fizzy blend of refreshing and energizing cola with the sparkle of icy cool menthol effect. A perfect flavour for party vibes and also acts as a perfect mouth freshener.
  • Energy
    A refreshing beverage blend capturing sharp notes of energy drink with the hints of ice. The best disposable vape bar to rejuvenate your lost energy.
  • Green Apple
    A single fruit blend capturing crisp, sweet, and sour flavour notes of green apples that will tantalise your taste buds. One of the favourite flavours of apple lovers that creates a  refreshing and fruity aftertaste.
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
    A fruity blend of sweet guava, tangy kiwi, and exotic passionfruit creates the best tropical flavour that will tantalise your tastebuds. 
  • Mad Blue
    A refreshing berry blend of blueberry, raspberries, and blackberry notes topped with mild hints of ice. A fruity treat for berry lovers that will leave a tantalizing but delicious aftertaste.
  • Red Apple Ice
    A fruity blend of juicy red apple notes and an additional icy cooling effect creates a perfectly satisfying and cooling vape experience throughout.
  • Sakura Grape
    TA juicy blend of sweet and tangy purple grape flavour notes mixed with the essence of a cherry blossom creates a tantalizing vaping experience.
  • Strawberry Kiwi
    A fruity blend of sweet strawberries and tangy kiwis infused with subtle hints of tart flavour notes. A tangy fusion of exotic edge with a refreshing and mellow aftertaste. 
  • Triple Berry Ice
    A berry blend of well-balanced sweet, tangy, and bold assorted berries infused with refreshing icy effects. Trip Berry Ice is a special flavour for berry lovers from Lost Mary Vape.
  • Triple Mango
    A fruity blend of tropical blend that captures sweet and delicious flavour notes of ripe mangoes. A delicious and exotic vaping experience for mango lovers.
  • Triple Melon
    A fruity blend of honeydew, muskmelon, and juicy watermelon that create a tasty vape experience with a very creamy texture.
  • Watermelon Ice
    A fruity blend of fresh, juicy, and sweet watermelon infused with the subtle hints of sparkled ice creates a refreshing and soothing vaping experience.



How Long Does A Lost Mary Take To Charge?
The one we are selling Lost Mary 600 is not rechargeable. But some versions are rechargeable. For those version follow the following tips.

The USB Type-C charging port allows you to safely and fully charge in just 20 minutes. However, the charging time may vary according to the charger and power source used. However, you should never charge the device for more than 30 minutes.

How To Charge Lost Mary Vape?

The one we are selling Lost Mary 600 is not rechargeable. But some versions are rechargeable. For those version follow the following tips.

There is a USB Type-C charging port at the bottom of the Lost Mary Vape devices. Use a 1amp charging source to charge the Lost Mary Vape devices. Always use a stable charging source and do not leave the device charging overnight. 

Lost Mary Vape Charger?

The one we are selling Lost Mary 600 is not rechargeable. But some versions are rechargeable. For those version follow the following tips.

Lost Mary Vapes can be charged with a 1amp  charger and a USB Type-C charging cable. These bars come with a charging port that can be used to recharge the vape bar if needed. The vape bar does not come with a charger or charging cable. You can use a basic 1amp charger, laptop, computer, gaming console and smart TV. 

Lost Mary Vape Not Working?

There can be a few specific reasons why your disposable vape pen is not working properly. Unfortunately, not much can be done when a device has a hardware fault, in which case you are better off purchasing a new one.

Battery Issues

The one we are selling Lost Mary 600 is not rechargeable. But some versions are rechargeable. For those version follow the following tips.

Every vape bar and vape brand offers a different capacity of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Disposable vape bars with non-rechargeable batteries are supposed to be disposed of once the battery or e-liquid drains. There is usually a blinking light indicating a battery. You should not try to recharge the battery or refill these kinds of vape bars. However, there are some veriosn of Lost Mary disposable vape bars that allow you to recharge the battery. Simply plug in the vape bar with a suitable charger and enjoy your favourite flavour up till the last puff.

Broken Battery Contact

The disposable vape bar works when the battery powers the heating coil causing the e-liquid to burn. In some cases, the battery isn’t connected with the coil to allow vaporisation. In this scenario, even if the vape bar is active, no vapour will be produced.

No Disposable E-Liquid

Another reason why your disposable vape is not working can be the not enough e-liquid. This may cause a burnt taste because not enough e-liquid is saturating the cotton wick. Consequently, the coil burns the dry cotton wick and causes dry hits.

Another reason for disposable vape bars to taste burnt is because the wick is not having enough time to soak up the e-liquid. Therefore causing it to dry out and burn. If you are having a slightly burnt taste even if there is sufficient e-liquid in the vape bar. Try putting your vape bar down for a moment and give the wick time to absorb more e-liquid.

Blocked Disposable Airflow

Disposable vape bars usually contain airflow inlets/vents and airflow sensors. If your disposable vape bar isn’t working, try inhaling while the air vent and air sensor are covered with your finger. You can also try lightly blowing into the device’s intake vents to clear any blockages or dirt.

Disposable Is Leaking

Disposable vape bars usually leak either because of two reasons. You might be inhaling too hard on the mouthpiece, resulting in e-liquid spitting out. It can also happen due to a manufacturing flaw in the production.

Lost Mary Vape Review

The new Lost Mary 600 disposables are now famous for their amazing flavour, best e-liquid quality, and elegant design. These TPD-compliant vape bars hold 2ml of 20mg (2%) salt nicotine and are designed to last for anything up to 600 puffs powered by a 550 mAh built-in battery. You can easily recharge the battery with a USB Type-C cable and enjoy your favourite flavour up till the last puff. The Lost Mary is extremely compact and very lightweight. The extensive range of amazing flavours covers every appetite and taste preference. Lost Mary 600 series brings smoother and more puffs compared to other alternatives. Lost Mary 600 vapes also deliver long-lasting taste making them one of the best among disposable vape bars.

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Blue Razz Cherry, Blue Razz Ice, Blue Sour Raspberry, Blueberry Ice, Cherry Peach Lemonade, Cola, Energy, Green Apple, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Mad Blue, Red Apple Ice, Sakura grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Triple Berry Ice, Triple Mango, Triple Melon, Watermelon Ice, Blueberry Cranberry Cherry, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry, Vimto, Gummy Bear, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Strawberry Bubblegum


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